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SIforAGE presentation at the closing session of the European Project EduSenior

29 January / 2014
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On the 29th of January 2014 Ander Errasti and Eduardo Valenciano (members of GISME -a multidisciplinary group linked to the University of Barcelona and the partner in charge of coordination and communication of the SIforAGE consortium) presented SIforAGE Project in the closing session of the European Project EduSenior. The event was held by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in Barcelona and the main topic was the university level education for seniors, one of the key points on active ageing research programmes.

The EduSenior project ( has worked on an "Evaluation toolkit on seniors’ education to improve their quality of life" and it has been carried out by a partnership of seven European institutions among the umbrella of the European 7th Research Framework’s Lifelong Learning Programme. The project started on November 2011 and finished on January 2014. The EduSenior project aimed to improve the quality of educational institutions that are currently offering courses and activities or wish to implement a learning activity focused on senior learners (65+ or retired). One of the main outcomes of the project has been the elaboration of a useful evaluation toolkit for educational institutions and pursues to innovate in the field of seniors’ education. Nevertheless, the last goal of the project is that this tool will help institutions and final users to receive a more effective education with higher quality standards.

Due to the fact that both EduSenior Project and SIforAGE Project work on improving the quality of life of older people through an active participation in society, the Communication Team of SIforAGE considered the closing ceremony of EduSenior as a great opportunity to reinforce ties among people working on the same area as well as a perfect occasion to make people working in this field aware of SIforAGE, its aims, scope and consortium.

The event helped to carry out mutual learning about both projects and perspectives and, in addition, many of the participants in the event showed their interest to become stakeholders of SIforAGE as a way to join efforts and strengthen the promotion of an active and healthy ageing. 

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Start of Technology Experience Café: More than 30 elderly citizens test technology devices aimed at promoting their autonomy and quality of life

23 December / 2013
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SIforAGE gives 50 elderly citizens and technology providers the opportunity to exchange points of view in the field of healthy ageing.

SIforAGE partner CARINNA, a public French agency committed to the research and innovation in the field of healthy ageing, organised in partnership with the ActivAgeing Living Lab the first Technology Experience Café (TEC) the 15th and 16th of October at the Technopole de l’Aube en Champagne.

This first TEC, launched and implemented by CARINNA in the framework of SIforAGE, gathered more than 50 old people and stakeholders working on healthcare in a friendly atmosphere. The participants were given the opportunity to try and evaluate five technology devices for an active and healthy ageing. The elderly involved, engaged in the project through the Centre de prévention Les Arcades, showed their interest in becoming part of the development of future technologies for them and future generation.

The companies DMD Santé and EELEO, the University of Technology of Troyes and Neoma Business School presented technologies that are currently under development. Their objectives are to adapt these technologies to their users’ needs. During the TEC, they were able to collect anonymous data through questionnaires, elaborated at European level, regarding usability and acceptability. Similar experiments will be implemented in Germany, Italy and Denmark in order to conduct a comparative analysis of these results at a European scale.

The TEC is part of the Domomédecine programme launched in Champagne-Ardenne on 2010, supported by the Regional council of Champagne-Ardenne and more specifically by the SIforAGE project.

More information on:

Contact : Bernard STREE,


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SIforAGE promotes focus groups with aged people in order to account for their needs and their roles in society

23 December / 2013
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SIforAGE’s partner SCML (Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa) has recently conducted several focus groups with seniors -aged 65 and above-  and pre seniors -between 55 and 64 years old- in order to find out about their needs and their views on their roles in society.  

These activities were developed between September 25th and 27th. The participants of the focus groups were selected through a rigorous scientific methodology. As an example, participants were picked out by age and level of education in order to guarantee the representativeness of the sample.

The goal of the focus-groups was to uncover the real needs of older persons and their current and potential roles in society. Concepts such as active ageing, inclusion of elderly and participation were discussed with the aim of finding realistic current and prospective solutions.

The participants stressed the importance of having access to a proper health system, financial support and security, and underlined the need for society to recognize the role of the elderly in taking care of their families, as well as the need for older people to be listened by the youngest ones. Overall, the participants’ feedback about the activity was very positive, stressing the possibility it offered to listen to seniors’ voice about relevant social issues.

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The European Network in Aging Studies, advancing on cultural narratives and scientific discourse of Ageing

20 November / 2013
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The European Network in Aging Studies (ENAS), with which SIforAGE is working in close collaboration through Grup Dedal-Lit from University of Lleida, is developing several projects to tackle cultural narratives and scientific discourses of Aging and Longevity. Making use of interdisciplinary research, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf is leading a research training group to bring together scientific discourses from the arts and humanities, social, medical, as well as economic fields of study. Grup Dedal-Lit is running a project to look into the ways in which aging and gender specificity interact in the literary works of aged women writers. Maastricht University is drivig a project on cultural narratives of longevity along three lines: imagining, remembering, and mediating longevity.

Find more information on ENAS projects in

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SIforAGE in European Year of Citizens media week!

06 September / 2013
  European Commission  |  European comission

SIforAGE has been one of the projects that the European Commission selected to be showcased on the social networks in the framework of the European Year of Citizens (EYC). 2013 has been chosen the European Year of Citizens, and it has been conceived as a chance to inform Europeans about their rights and rise awareness of the opportunities that EU citizenship entails.

That is why an active media campaign to promote initiatives covering different policy areas and themes relevant to European Union citizens has been launched ( 31st of August was SiforAGE's turn: the whole European Commission's social networks gave all its followers the chance to get posted about SiforAGE's latest activities and research, and engage themselves in a debate with members of the project.

The European Commission used their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts to showcase SiforAGE in such a way that citizens interested in the project could post comments and questions that were answered by SiforAGE's members, as well as visit SiforAGE's website and communication tools. This opportunity goes hand in hand with one of the most important aims of our project: to engage participation and awareness of the challenges EU citizens face regarding healthy and active ageing.

Many of the citizens' comments drove the discussion towards the need for improving housing opportunities especially for aged people, as well as increasing intergenerational cooperation, and fighting against irrespectful attitudes towards the elderly. In that sense, SIforAGE project strives to promote a new view of the elderly people as active citizens who are able, increasingly, to offer greater benefits to their communities. During the debate SiforAGE announced as well that the project will launch a prize in November 2016 to recognize good practices on social innovation on ageing research. Overall, SIforAGE Communication Team took notes of all these comments and invited everybody to actively participate in SIforAGE.

During EYC campaing, SIforAGE posts on European Commission social networks gathered more than 93 “likes”, 27 sharings (Facebook), and 46 “+” (Google+). Similarly, the project is currently on all the social networks with the greatest impact: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Linkedin, and Youtube. Its website has had 1600 visits since the beginning of the project, and the more than 200 stakeholders involved in SiforAGE are nowadays actively using its communication tools to keep posted about the project's progresses and news.  

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