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Experiences of SIforAGE presented at Telehealth Day 2014

28 April / 2014
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On March 27th the Telehealth Day 2014 organized by CATEL (French network of expertise in telehealth) and its partners, took place for the 14th consecutive year. This singular event has connected simultaneous videoconferences in several cities both in France and abroad (Cleveland, Durban, Dakar, Tunis, Beijing and Rome) and over 1670 participants from 28 different cities took part.

Dr. Dejardin, director of the prevention center Arcades of Troyes, conducted one of the conferences in this 14th edition in which he presented one of the key activities carried out through SIforAGE: old people’s involvement in the innovation process through Technology Experience Cafés (TEC).

In this regards, the Technology Experience Café (TEC), which took place in France in October 2013, aimed at collecting information on barriers to the use some new technologies by namely end-users and, in particular, by older people. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen mechanisms for cooperation between the different stakeholders involved throughout the value chain of active aging. By doing so, it aims to improve the performance and competitiveness of the European Union on research and innovation for a better life.

For what they report, older people consider their participation in the TEC a very useful and rewarding activity. All technologies have been evaluated positively. Seniors did not express anxiety about the use of these technologies and highlighted the fact that age was not a stigmatizing factor. Participation in the TEC increased the willingness to acquire new technologies in the future and improved the perception of the usefulness of technology as such. In addition, technology providers were satisfied with the organization of the TEC and are willing to get involved in a new edition.

According to SIforAGE, the analysis of the first TEC, out of a series of 4 at European level, turned out to be very positive. The second TEC took place in Italy in February 2014, and so the analysis is being carried out. Finally, upcoming TECs will be held in Denmark on 8th May 2014 and in Germany at the end of this year.

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SIforAGE Advisory Board Yearly Meeting

15 April / 2014
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On Friday 11th April 2014 the Coordination and Communication teams of SIforAGE met the Advisory Board of the project for their yearly session. The meeting was held in the University of Barcelona and lasted all day long.

The advisory board attendees were four worldwide experts in the field of active ageing, namely Jacob Erik Homblad, senior consultant at PFA Pensions from Denmark, Carla Costanzi from Università del Scro Cuore, Faculty of Sociology at Milano, Italy, Antonio Casado Dean of research, mobility and social projection from the Basque Country University, Spain and Parminder Raina Professor at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics at Mcmaster University, Canada.

During the meeting, SIforAGE’s members had the chance to share common concerns and receive new insights from the Advisory Board members.  The experts gave their recommendations on social innovation for a healthy and active ageing according to their scientific criteria and the unique features of this 7th Framework MML Project, such as a consortium with 20 partners and twelve different countries involved, from Europe and outside. SIforAGE team, from its side, offered an overview of both the project’s contents and the project’s progress in terms of deliverables, tasks and actions promoted.

Some of the most important ideas discussed were how to improve the public engagement of SiforAGE and the need for all the members of the project to keep working taking into account ethical values, principles and behaviors.  There was a general agreement on the necessity to do science with and for society, and bridge the gap between them.  In accordance with the European Commission new program Horizon 2020, therefore, SIforAGE branches dealing with scientific research will work on spreading results which have a direct and positive effect in people everyday’s life.

Finally, the aim of SIforAGE after this meeting is to turn these valuable and innovative ideas into realities, feasibly turning these values into the project’s deliverables, tasks, and actions.  

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SIforAGE has been presented in Alimentaria 2014

31 March / 2014
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SIforAGE has been showcased in the International Food and Drinks Exhibition Alimentaria 2014. Members from the group GISME - UB went to present a poster explaning both the general idea and structure of the projet and its aims regarding ageing and the particular relation between SIforAGE and nutrition for better  and healthy living years.

In particular, SIforAGE develops, through KMU 1 and KMU 5 different initiatives of social innovation to tackle crucial challenges when it comes to ageing. Without any doubt, nutrition and older people is one of these challenges.

SIforAGE attenden conferences where the new european project Nu-Age: nutrition for the older people was presented and established contact with them, as one of the main aims of SIforAGE is to bring together specialists addressing social innovation for the olders in all key areas of the subject.

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SIforAGE will be presented at the 2014 Telehealth

20 March / 2014
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SIforAGE Project will be presented during the next Telehealth event that will take place on the 27th and the 28th of March 2014. Telehealth is a worldwide on-line conference in which everybody is welcome to participate for free.

When it comes to SIforAGE presentation, the talk will take place on the 27th of March from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm. The title of the talk is "Implications of seniors in the innovation process: The Technology Experience coffee, SIforAGE, a European Commission Funded Project" and will be conducted by Dr. Philippe DEJARDIN, Director for the center of Prevention "Les Arcades", from Châlons-en-Champagne. The TEC (Technology Experience Café) aims to generate a positive and fruitful experience for both users and developers with first hand information.

2014 Telehealth is a great opportunity to disseminate the project at a global level and, therefore, we encourage all of you to actively participate in this event. 

To find out more about this event, please visit:

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New Technology Experience Coffee in the City of Turin

03 February / 2014
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One of the SIforAGE Italian partners, City of Turin, will organise the second Technology Experience Café (TEC) the 5th and 26th of February 2014 at the “Casa del Quartiere” (House of the Borough).

The first TEC was launched by CARINNA in France and gave the opportunity to try and evaluate five technology devices for an active and healthy ageing. Instead in Turin will be tested the local e-government platform “Torino Facile” (Easy Turin) that offers services of payments, documents, free consulting and community.

Turin TEC wants to extend the information for citizens on technological resources available in the territory and the analysis of accessibility and usability of public resources throughout Community intervention (fight digital divide and increment opportunities for socialization) for an Active and Healthy Ageing (brain training, reduction of cognitive decline, acquisition of new skills, easier daily life).

Turin TEC gives 30 elderly citizens and stakeholders interested the opportunity to exchange points of view in the field of web technology and healthy ageing. Before and the end of the experience it will be submitted a questionnaire to participants to understand and know their opinion and suggestion about technological instruments. This work, done in collaboration with University of Lisbon ISCT will be useful for a comparative analysis of these results at a European level.

More information on:


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