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SIforAGE participates in the “Intersections of Ageing, Gender, Sexualities (i-ages)” conference

20 July / 2015
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The international, multidisciplinary two-day conference “Intersections of Ageing, Gender, Sexualities Conference” took place during the 6th and 7th of July at the University of Surrey, Guilford, UK. The conference offered a unique opportunity to explore the intersections between and new challenges posed by aging, gender and sexualities. It explored how they work together to produce structural inequalities, privileges and disadvantages, challenges and opportunities, and diverse lived experiences. Papers were presented by researchers from Australia, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, UK and US.

SIforAGE members Maricel Oró and Ieva Stoncikaite (both from Group DEDAL-LIT, Universitat de Lleida) attended the event and presented communications respectively, and informed attendances of SIforAGE. Besides, the keynote speaker, profesor Mark Hugues, is SIforAGE stakeholder. The topic of each communication was on sexuality at old age. More precisely, Maricel Oró presented a paper called “Representations of Female Ageing and Sexuality in Penelope Lively's Moon Tiger Angela Carter's Wise
Children and Doris Lessing's "The Grandmothers". Besides, Ieva Stoncikaite presented a paper called “Erica Jong: No fear of aging and sexuality”.

Their papers were really well received as the majority of the participants came from the world of sociology and aging studies, and they were interested in seeing how fiction, and in particular,  novels, have an impact in questioning and limiting stereotypes in relation to sexuality at middle and older ages.