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Best Practices on Evidence-based Policymaking: an essential asset of new SIforAGE policy recommendations guide

18 May / 2015
  siforage  |  SIforAGE

The SIforAGE project, in its path to create a fair, equal, and non-discriminatory society has developed a document -the policy recommendations guide- in which best practices on evidence-based policymaking are depicted as an essential practice to advance active and healthy ageing.

The document is divided in three parts being the three of them comparative analyses. The first one is a comparative analysis of anti-age discriminatory law, the second one is a comparative analysis of the decision and policymaking processes in ageing; and the third one is a comparative analysis of initiatives in active and healthy ageing. General recommendations have been drawn of those three analyses, based mostly on the studied cases. For example, the analysis of Anti-Age Discrimination Laws (AADLs) reveals that older population face discrimination in most areas of life because of two main reasons, namely the lack of AADL regulations in some domains, and the failure to comply with them in practice. Nevertheless, in the countries where the study was being developed there was an increase in the number of AADL regulations.

In SIforAGE policy guide, recommendations and suggestions for society to apply can also be found. Its first comparative analysis shows that the development and introduction of anti-age discrimination legislation in European countries is a matter of compulsory continuation. Also the stereotyped image of older people needs to change and be corrected by showing their on-going potential and willingness to actively participate in society. For example, older people’s voice should also be listened regarding the promotion of their “quality of life” issue, which should be specifically researched and never addressed in a paternalistic manner. That notion also comes with the idea that the services addressing the needs of older people should not be implemented for them but with them following the slogan “nothing about us without us!”.

Finally, the document aims at highlighting the significant part public authorities play and how they should cooperate very closely with civil society organizations to make the rights they are fighting for a reality. Innovation in the policymaking process should take into account the inclusion of older people in shaping policy. Furthermore, SIforGE policy recommendations guide stresses the fact that the creation of an enabling environment and the promotion of strong incentives for civil society organizations and market actors to respond to the ageing society needs, must become an important issue for public authorities.