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imAGES e-Book by ISCTE and SCML SIforAGE Partners Released

07 April / 2015
  siforage  |  http://www.leyaonline.com/pt/livros/ciencias-sociais-e-humanas/antropologia-e-sociologia/images-ebook/

Portuguese SIforAGE partners release a training manual on preventing ageism in children and adolescents. The book is available online at several platforms and in open access.

 The work presented in this training manual was developed within the framework of the SIforAGE. The manual is based on the literature review and the Needs Assessment Study, it establishes the main objectives of the imAGES program. The program had two main goals: 1) to reduce ageism by deconstructing negative stereotypes of ageing, and consequently, 2) to reduce ageist behaviour. 

Based on these goals, the manueal identifies the main factors referred in the literature as having a possible influence in changing negative stereotypes. The book presents a brief definition of each factor considered in the theoretical model that served as a basis for intervention programs, held under the SIforAGE framework. 

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