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Lisbon University Institute publishes a co-authored research paper

28 September / 2016
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In a joint publication called "Social Psychology & Gerontology: integrating theory to explain and intervene in age discrimination towards older people in Europe", Sibila Marques, SIforAGE partner from Lisbon Univeristy Institute, Christin-MelanieVauclair, Hannah J Swift, Christopher Bratt, Maria Luísa Lima, & Dominic Abrams, discuss how integrating Social Psychology with Gerontology theorizing may contribute to the design of proper research and interventions dealing with this pressing social issue. 

As the abstract explains: "we present two case studies based on our findings from the “Experiences and expressions of ageism” module of the European Social Survey. Case 1 shows how the perception of age discrimination by older people mediates and helps to explain the effects of wealth inequality on older people’s subjective health. Case 2 presents compelling evidence showing that, among older people, identifying with being an older person is associated with poor health outcomes, especially in countries where older people’s status is lower. These findings are discussed in light of their implications for theory and practical intervention in this domain."

More information can be found in the following link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305796879_Social_Psychology_and_Gerontology_Integrating_Theory_to_Explain_and_Intervene_in_Age_Discrimination_Towards_Older_People_in_Europe