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SIforAGE partner Lisbon University Institute has published a new study

26 September / 2016
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SIforAGE partner Lisbon University Institute has published a new article on the Journal of Intergenerational Relations las august. The authors, Joana Mendonça, João Mariano, and Sibila Marques explain the study developed: a Lisbon street campaign against ageism. 

Briefly, the main aim of this new brand campaign called "increasing the positive image of older people" was to deconstructing negative steriotypes of ageing. Ageism is the terms used to describe discrimination based on age, this is, discrimination towards older people based merely on their age. Another partner of SIforAGE, Santa Casa da Misericordia, took part in the campaign. 

With the aim to create a society for all ages, this public campaign took place in Lisbon. Its message was to raise awareness on that reality and change people's attitudes and image towards older persons.  The campaign echoed similar activities held in UK and Ireland.   

The posters were design by the Higher School of Communication and Media Studies. The main messages were: "Age changes. Not the fun." "Age changes. Not the talent." "Age changes. Not the affection."

The campaign received generally positive comments through the social networks, from individuals of different ages and occupations, from researchers to professional care givers. 

The full article is available at the publications section of this website.