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SIforAGE about to release its third and final spot

15 September / 2016
  siforage  |  SIforAGE

The SIforAGE International Conference 2016 is approaching and with it the end of the Project. That is why next 25th of September, SIforAGE will release its third and final spot, which aims at showing the journey of SIforAGE during those last 4 years of development, and how it will culminate with the SIforAGE International Conference 2016 during the 19th, 20th and 21st of October in Barcelona.

This last promotional short will serve for the audience to see what has been done until now, and what do the members of the Project expect for the future. This multimedia content will be part of the next wave of dissemination related to the SIforAGE International Conference 2016, aimed at the audience which already knows the Project, as well as to new interested people who wants to know more.

With the slogan “Working for a better tomorrow starting today”, the spot will be uploaded to the Project’s YouTube channel and disseminated through the social networks and the two official websites of SIforAGE and the SIforAGE International Conference 2016.