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SIforAGE releases its second promotional spot

01 June / 2016
  siforage  |  SIforAGE

On the 1st of June 2016, SIforAGE has released its new spot. Unlike the first spot, centered just on one story, this new promotional short shows a mosaic of different older people around Europe who live their lives fully, healthily and actively.

The one minute and a half spot, the slogan of which is “Active ageing is the road towards a fulfilling life”, shows five different older persons who enjoy their lives at their fullest, doing what they love the most. Enjoying manifold activities, learning mutually between young and older citizens, and having healthy habits are just some examples of what is seen to lead to a happier and fuller life.

With this, SIforAGE expects to spread its message of the importance of an active and healthy ageing, and the idea that older persons are still capable of everything they want. You can find this new spot on the SIforAGE YouTube channel, the SIforAGE official website and the social networks. Or you can watch it below: