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SIforAGE in the European Parliament’s Magazine

31 May / 2016
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Past 4th of April, it was published the issue number 431 of the European Parliament’s magazine (The Parliament Magazine). In it there is an interview to Chrystia Freeland, and topics as the EU-Canada trade agreement, Labour Mobility or the EU-US relationship, are treated, among others.

Also, a whole page is devoted to an article written by Prof. Javier Tejada and Dr. Elena Urdaneta about the SIforAGE project. The text, entitled “Working for a better tomorrow… Starting today”, explains the three main pillars of the project: the challenge of the demographic change that needs to be treated, the innovation that SIforAGE implies in order to deal with it, and the outcomes as proposals for social innovation that the SIforAGE project has been developing for the last almost four years.

“The project Social Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing for Sustainable Economic Growth (SIforAGE) strives for these changes to be perceived not as a problem, but rather as an opportunity” reads the article, and adds that “under the paradigm of AHA, our project aims at bringing the young and the elderly together to work for a common objective: a ‘Society for All Ages’”.  

Finally, the article informs about the SIforAGE International Conference (19th-20th-21st October 2016, Barcelona), and invites for contributions and attendance. You can read the full article on the following link: https://www.theparliamentmagazine.eu/articles/magazines/issue-431-04-april-2016