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CARINNA is one of the 17 French Regional Innovation Agencies. The agency is publicly funded and was created in 2007. Its 3 main missions targeting regional companies and laboratories are the following:

• Project engineering

• Technology transfer

• Support innovation within SME

CARINNA supports researchers and companies in setting up regional, national and European research and innovation projects. It hosts the incubator which fosters the creation of young innovative enterprises through technology transfer. The agency manages the regional innovation network which supports regional actors in answering SMEs needs in terms of R&D and innovation. For these activities, CARINNA is certified by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education as a Center for Technology Dissemination.

CARINNA has experience in European projects in different fields. The agency was a partner in FP6 project dealing with biorefinery, “Biorefinery Euroview”. Indeed, it was involved in Interreg project as a partner in Connect-2-All targeting ICT within the transport sector and coordinated the PERIA project on Regional innovation support for SMEs. Finally, CARINNA is of course a partner of SIforAge project.

CARINNA’s activities in Health and Social Innovation

CARINNA has realised a series of studies at regional level on Social innovation and Health. These studies established a state of the art within the region, comparing similar initiatives in France and Europe, and making recommendations to improve Champagne-Ardenne capacity in those fields.

Regarding Health, the main outcomes were:

• Firstly, to enhance local entities and encourage cooperation with entities outside Champagne-Ardenne.

• Secondly, to support regional companies in the biomedical sector and to attract in Champagne-Ardenne foreign cosmetics companies.

• And finally, to host innovative public and private entities supporting the elderly.

CARINNA is coordinating the Domomédecine initiative which aims at implementing an experimentation process over 10 000 patients in Champagne-Ardenne region that combines the whole chain of actors in the fields of health and autonomy. To implement such a program pilot projects were launched. In this regard, CARINNA was involved in the engineering of these pilot projects such as Domocare and PICADO.

CARINNA is working closely with all the actors involved in the research linked to autonomy and ageing concepts and is involved in the ActivAgeing Living lab in Troyes. For these activities, CARINNA has been certified as a Relay center by the “National Reference Center for Health and Autonomy at home”.

What are our goals in the project?

CARINNA has contributed from the beginning in the proposal and submission of SIforAGE and is involved in different parts of the project.

CARINNA contributes to the Knowledge Management Units, which are forums were transversal topics related to active ageing are being discussed. CARINNA will give feedback on regional priorities for these topics.

CARINNA organises a Technology Experience Café which aims at identifying barriers for the elderly to adopt new technologies as illustrated in the presentation of Sibila Marques.

This Café is a place where technologies being developed can be tested by the elderly and the community of actors involved in active ageing.

CARINNA is at crossroads of companies, labs, care-givers, civil society and policy makers.

This allows CARINNA to:

• Participate in establishing participatory process to engage the elderly in research activities.

• Make recommendation for innovative approach for research and development policy making based on surveys and cross cultural comparison

• Raise awareness among policy makers

• Disseminate the activities and spread the results of SIforAGE

For further information you can contact us in: http://www.carinna.fr/eng

E-mail: siforage@carinna.fr