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Investornet-Gate2Growth based at Scion-DTU, Copenhagen, Denmarks largest science park we have a Staff of 5 with a total of 80 years of commercial experience. We mainly work with business development and fund raising for small and medium sized companies, often within the scopes of EU projects. We have been involved with more than 13 EU projects, and are currently active in 4 of them.

Our team covers the following competences and experiences:

Business plans and business development
  • Support to startup companies.
  • Advisory services on strategy change and growth strategies for SME’s.
  • Business models, or how to find the best way to market and sell a product or service.
  • Special advisory services related to introduction of ESCO model.
Internationalization and partnering
  • Assistance to internationalization and identification of international partners.
Investors and Financing
  • Assistance in “How to attract investors”.
  • Selection and identification of the right investor.
  • How to negotiate a good deal.
Board participation
  • Many years of active Board membership to your service.
Public administration and decision processes
  • Experience from complicated international and national political decision processes.
  • Independent strategy advisory services.

We also advice on IPR and Regulatory challenges and how to build/choose an according strategy. In short:  Hands on advice on “how to do it”.

What are our goals within SIforAGE?

 Our goals regarding SIforAGE are to build in-depth knowledge of the market and distribution of Technology and Social Innovation Solutions for an Aging demography. Ensure our capacity to advice on specific challenges posed by Participatory testing and Research with Elderly Citizens. We hope to gain this knowledge by:

  • Interacting with Partners not in the Private Sector, and in reverse help streamlining Public Policy to help SME’s gain access to Public and Private customers in AAL and ICT solutions for eldercare across borders.
  • Building a network of relevant stakeholders in the field and share innovative technology by heightening the understanding of commercial process and barriers to innovative solutions.

What are our tasks in the project? 

Our tasks will be advisory services on strategy change and growth strategies for SME’s and Business models, and how to find the best way to market and sell a product or service with the Aging population as ultimate user. We will create tailored welfare-tech Assessment tools for SME’s entering new countries

For more information: www.gate2growth.com