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The Municipality of Krakow is the local administrative government body responsible for the transport policy in the city of Krakow. The municipality gathers all decisions –transport, environment protection, local regulations, etc. Municipal Services Department is responsible inter alia for creating long-term development plans and programs of the city and monitoring of municipal infrastructure. The City of Krakow is a city of reference at European level in developing a complete urban and mobility planning, taking into account aged people needs and offering facilities for older people as far as the public transport for elder generation is concerned.

The Municipality of Krakow participated in several EU – projects being responsible for the implementation of different measures in the field of sustainable means of transport, being them: CIVITAS/CARAVEL (sustainable urban transport), AENEAS/STEER (sustainable mobility of older people), and LIFECYCLE (cycling). Krakow was also a partner in the CIVITAS/CATALIST project dealing with the dissemination of the idea of sustainable urban transport among European cities. Nowadays the City of Krakow is a partner in the following projects: TRANSPORT LEARNING (IEE) concerning education of practitioners about different fields of mobility and energy management, STARS (IEE) promoting cycling among young people and CHALLENGE (IEE) focusing on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Krakow has been also involved in MEDIATE project (under FP7) as a member of a working group of 20 cities supporting the project, which concerned measuring accessibility of public transport in Europe.

What are our goals within SIforAGE?

Our main activity will take place in the Work Package 4 which consists of developing evidence-based public policy. The objective will be to improve the inclusion of innovation aspects in public policy making procedures on active and healthy ageing. It is of the utmost importance to also analyze how the normative change regarding ageing (i.e., active ageing and anti-discrimination laws) is being proposed at the institutional level and how it may impact the ideas and practices of groups and individuals on that issue.

Additionally, the City of Krakow will organize a mutual learning session with policymakers that will aim to improve the participation of policymakers at different levels in the research making process(with a special focus on aspects connected with active and healthy ageing).

For more information: http://www.krakow.pl/english/