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UPPA is a pluridisciplinary and multisite public university strongly integrated within its territory and benefiting from privileged relationships with Spanish universities due to its cross-border location.

Training sessions and research actions are developed by our university in the social and health sector, in close proximity with the public institutions active in this domain.

Two research centers are associated to SIforAGE project: Pau Droit Public, specialized in public law, performs a specific research programme dedicated to the domain “social and health”, and, the CREG (Centre de Recherche en Economie et Gestion), active in strategy, organization and control regarding the management of “health and mutualist or cooperative organizations”. Their research and teaching approaches are based on collaborations with public and private actors in the social and health sector (EPHAD, ARS, public authorities, hospital centers,…). Moreover, Pau Droit Public constitutes the support of all relating teaching activities such as the Master of “Droit public - cadres du secteur sanitaire et social” and the “university diplomas” (DU “protection sociale”, DU “travailler en réseau de santé” and DU “accompagnement et soins palliatifs”).

What are our goals within SIforAGE?

Regarding Work Package 1, we lead the implementation of the Knowledge Management Unit 2 – mental capacity and Alzheimer disease – which aims to elaborate and disseminate one mental capacity act for elderly people. Moreover, we will specifically participate to the review of the ethical legislation in Europe and to the online help desk to be available on SIforAGE website.

We are also associated to the Work Package 2 for the organization of a Technology Experience Café in France to be held during the summer of 2013.

UPPA will in addition contribute to the performance of the Work Package 3 for identification of the public actors’ decisions making processes and dissemination of the improvement proposals.

The Work Package 4 implies a strong involvement of UPPA which will have to study the normative system in the field of ageing including the setting of the “state of the art” and its intending evolutions, and a confrontation between the theory and the practical implementation of the legal systems/tools, for the emergence of futures trajectories.

What are our roles in the project?

  • To set the state of the art about the normative corpus and all relating making procedures; these works will lead to conceptual results regarding the coordination and taking in charge methods whose evolution/creation may be considered, in conformity with norms in force.  
  • To formulate advices and recommendations aiming to improve the ageing systems and relating making procedures; dissemination will favor a better understanding of the ageing network, a better information toward families, a more efficient taking over of the populations and the adaptation of the public policies making procedures as well as an updating of existing models.
  • To organize training sessions, as support to the public policies making evolution.

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