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Santa Casa Misericordia Lisboa (SCML) provides social intervention, health care, education, culture and the promotion of a better quality of life, particularly for the benefit of the most disadvantaged population. SCML guides all its activities for the benefit of children and young people, adults, families, ethnic communities, the elderly, individuals at risk of exclusion, drug addicts, people with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS. SCML aims to prevent situations of socio-economic inequality, social vulnerability, as well as to promote personal development, social inclusion, in a direct and coordinated way, with other public and private entities.

SCML certifies and qualifies, academically and professionally, young people with difficulties in school and social adjustment, as well as working and unemployed adults. SCML offers health facilities located in areas of great poverty and/or social exclusion of Lisbon, with the valences of Maternal-child care and Adult /Senior health care, besides having other medical specialties. It has two mobile units: one program specifically aiming youngsters, two hospitals – Hospital Ortopédico de Sant’Ana (Orthopedic Hospital) and the Centro de Medicina de Reabilitação de Alcoitão (Center of Medical Rehabilitation), as well as the Escola Superior de Saúde (College of Health Studies).

What are our goals within SIforAGE?

Our main activity will take place in the Work Package 3 which consists of active empowerment of the society, and especially of older people.

  • Promoting active participation among older people
  • Contributing to fight ageist attitudes between  young people and older people
  • Contributing to define priorities of elderly well-being and assessing old people’s perceived needs

In addition, we will work on involving and spreading knowledge towards our three target groups:

1) Members of the consortium, 2) stakeholders and 3) the general public

What are our roles in the project?

  • Building  an experimental intergenerational  program
  • Engaging aged people in research projects with Focus Groups where older people will give their opinion and participate in the definition of requirements of emerging scientific and research  projects
  • Taking into account our social intervention mission we will produce a document on young people’s ageism issues, in order to help promoting a better image of the ageing process.                                       

For more information: http://www.scml.pt/