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FONDACA is a European think tank focused on citizenship and citizenship related phenomena. Our working group is composed by researchers and professionals belonging from different disciplines, as sociologist and business consultant. In FONDACA we are committed to produce sound knowledge, relevant evidence and meaningful scientific results in this specific field. Moreover, we operate with different stakeholders as advanced trainers and consultants, developing methodologies, procedures and tools to actively engage with citizens.

What are our goals within SIforAGE?

As partner of the project, FONDACA will collaborate in many Work Packages (WP) but our main task will be in WP3 “What do we want from society and how will we engage”, where we will engage with elderly people and foster deliberative processes concerning research priority definition and evaluation. FONDACA will also focus on the following themes:

·  Analyze civic activism of elderly people.

· Raise awareness, among researchers and the scientific community, on the Social responsibility of scientific research in the ageing field.

· Develop deliberative tools and processes to engage with SIforAGE stakeholders.

· Enhance the role of private companies in the active ageing market.

What are our roles in the project?

We will support WPs’ coordinators in the achievement of specific goals, especially those related with the involvement of stakeholders and civil society organizations interested in the active ageing topic. Specifically we will:

  • Collaborate in the development of tools needed for better understand what elderly people want from scientific programs, research initiatives and public policy.
  • Cooperate with other partners in catching up society’s point of view on ageing, trying to elaborate strategies that will reduce ageist attitudes and behaviours.
  • Support the creation of the Social Incubator in which stakeholder, belonging from different ring of the active ageing value chain, will have the opportunity to collaborate for the achievement of “better and longer life” solutions.

For more information: www.fondaca.org